If you thought you could take a breather from the holidays, think again. With Thanksgiving over and Christmas still a few weeks away, plenty of people are taking a break before getting out to do holiday shopping.

However ShopperTrak, a firm that measures foot traffic in retail stores, has figured out the most stress-free days to hit the mall. If you hate crowds as much as we do, here's a little piece of advice: Go now

ShopperTrak created a list of 10 distinct days where crowds were likely to be manageable, and while a few of those days are already behind us, there are still several opportunities ahead.


And here are the ten lightest shopping days, ranked from least to most retail foot traffic: 

1. Nov. 27 -  Tuesday
2. Nov. 26 -  Monday
3. Nov. 28 - Wednesday
4. Dec. 4 - Tuesday
5. Nov. 29 - Thursday
6. Dec. 3 - Monday
7. Dec. 5 - Wednesday
8. Dec. 6 - Thursday
9. Dec. 10 -  Monday
10. Dec. 11 -  Tuesday

ShopperTrak founder Bill Martin stated that “Black Friday is not for the faint of heart. Shoppers must brave the crowds to take advantage of good deals. If they can venture back out after just a few days, however, they’ll have the full attention of store employees and plenty of remaining discounts.”

So do yourself a solid and take care of business on one of the days marked in the calendar. You'll thank yourself on Christmas Eve when you're leaning back getting blitzed on egg nog, satisfied that all your gifts are already beneath the tree.



Story/Graphic: Justin Starling for Cumulus Media © 2012