Strange News: Chicken and Waffles Syrup: It's Now a Thing

What started as an April Fool's prank from a San Francisco-based seller of syrups and sauces sparked a Internet phenomenon, and now and actual product: a syrup that tastes like that Southern food favorite, chicken and waffles.

Due to demand for what at the time was a fictional product, Torani has now debuted the syrup for $6.95 a bottle, or $37.50 for a six pack. The company's website promises, "Flavor aficionados will appreciate this innovative sweet and savory syrup that captures the essence of crispy fried chicken and buttermilk waffles, topped with a sweet maple finish." 

If syrup that tastes in part like chicken isn't enough to tickle the ol' gag reflex, Torani offers, "Try bourbon cocktails for a delicious treat."

Provided by ABC News Radio © 2012

Image: Flickr/PointNShoot

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