Strange News: Bicyclist Nailed for $1,500 Traffic Stop

Bicycling is often touted as a cheap way to cruise around town, but don't tell that to one Brooklyn man who just received fines totaling $1,555 from a traffic stop last month.

The New York Daily News reports 24-year-old David Greer cruised through four red lights on September 7, failing to hear a traffic cop's siren as he did so. When the agent finally got Greer to stop, he was popped for multiple violations: after pleading guilty via the mail, he found out that each red light was considered a separate violation according to the Department of Motor Vehicles, making Greer a repeat offender for his first traffic stop. Wearing headphones in both ears constituted another violation.


Provided by ABC News Radio © 2012

Image: Flickr/knehcsg